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Automatic cutting machine

Cutting diameter: Φ8-45mm
Maximum cutting length: 120mm
Working frequency: 10-100 pieces/minute
Main motor power: 3kw
Cutting motor power: 10w
Application:Suitable for cutting round, triangular, square, flat, hexagonal, pipe and special-shaped materials

PLC Burning machine

Applicable rod diameter (mm):6-35
Principle:The automatic chamfering machine pulls the two ends of the distributor into the alignment roller table one by one, and the alignment roller table aligns the two ends to the chamfer end. The double end chamfering machine slides along the inclined track and enters the friction wheel of the main drive through the alignment positioning plate. The pressing device lifts to press the workpiece, starts the main drive shaft to rotate the workpiece, and sends it to the grinder to start the double chamfering
Application:Automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic tool advance and retreat, simultaneous processing of materials at both ends, ensuring material length accuracy, high speed and high efficiency